Diamond CBD Review: An In-depth Review for 2021

Looking at the long list of products Diamond CBD offers can feel overwhelming. If you aren’t careful enough, you might end up picking CBD edibles, oils, and vape products that are either too strong for you or don’t meet your health needs.

In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the brand as well as its best selling products, particularly Diamond CBD gummies and Diamond CBD vape additives. You’ll also get all the information you need to determine if it’s the right brand for you. 

Diamond CBD Oil

Diamond CBD Product Highlights

$40.50 89.99
Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil – 550mg

For this category alone, you’ll have to go through a really long list. Now, this is both a good and a bad thing.

Good, because you’ll have tons of options in terms of flavors, potencies, and even formula. Bad, because you may find the process of picking the right one for your condition a bit confusing and overwhelming.

As an overview, you can focus on the following varieties.

There’s the standard hemp oil with potency ranging from 100mg to 3500mg of CBD. You can get it in flavored and unflavored options.

Then, there’s the Blue CBD isolate oil and a flavored terpene oil. You also have the option to purchase the brand’s full-spectrum oil if you want to experience the “entourage effect” CBD is known for. 

DDiamond CBD Edibles

The cream products can be categorized into three different varieties- the Biotech line, the Diamond CBD line, and the Lawrence Taylor line.

Biotech CBD and Lawrence Taylor creams can be ordered in potencies ranging from 250mg to 1000mg. They are marketed to people who experience chronic pain, like athletes.

Now, here’s the thing.

Although CBD has shown positive effects on pain, it doesn’t mean that you can consider it as a solution to your discomfort. CBD creams have a more localized effect so you can’t rely on them to solve a condition that affects your entire body.

The Diamond CBD line, on the other hand, carries products that are formulated for skincare purposes. Although there are products for pain relief, majority of the products from this line are meant to address aging skin.

It has nourishing lip and eye creams, antioxidant creams, vitamin C creams, and under-eye nourishing creams. All of these products are sold at different potencies.

Diamond CBD Diamond CBD Creams

These crystal dabs are made from 99% pure CBD isolate powder. You can get them as pure CBD rocks or as small crystals. Their concentrations vary, too.

The potencies range from 250mg to 10,000mg.

The crystal dabs don’t have any artificial flavorings. This means that they are completely tasteless. Adding them to your food or drinks won’t alter their taste.

Diamond CBD Vape Products

Diamond CBD has vaping pens, vape liquids, and vape additives. It also has a full-spectrum vape tank. 

When it comes to flavors, this brand won’t disappoint you. It has fruity flavors like strawberry to its jungle juice flavor.

Diamond CBD for Pets

Diamond CBD has interesting products for your pets. It has pet sprays, CBD oils, and dog treats.

You can easily pick one based on the size of your pet as well as the strength you prefer. Each product is properly labeled so you won’t get confused when choosing.

The dog treats are available in different flavors. There’s bacon and cheese, chicken meatballs, and beef wraps.

Where to Buy Diamond CBD?

You can purchase Diamond CBD directly from its site.

Apart from that, you can also join their affiliate programs. Joining entitles you to earn as much as 20% commission on every sale.

Final Thoughts

Diamond CBD is an impressive brand when it comes to the variety of products it offers. It offers almost every type of CBD product you can imagine.

Of course, such choices doesn’t mean that every single product is right for you. As a beginner, it’s ideal that you start with the lowest dose first so you can see how your body will react to CBD.

As for the type of CBD product you should try, it will depend on what’s convenient for you and your lifestyle. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, Diamond CBD drinks and edibles are for you. In case you are the athletic type, the CBD creams might be a good choice for you.

No matter which ones you try, make sure to talk to your doctor first. This is extremely important, particularly if you have existing health issues or you are taking other medications.

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